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I made this project for myself, and then thought it might be useful to other people. Who knows how long it will be going (certainly not forever). I hope you enjoy it.


The aim of Habits for Todoist is to give much better habit support in Todoist. The focus is on generating tasks and tracking their completion. I found recurring tasks in Todoist not great for this.


This screen is where you define your Habits that will be used to generate your Tasks. Think of them like templates. At about 12:15am each night, based on the time on your Todoist account, new Tasks will be created in Todoist and this app based on these templates.


The name that the Task in Todoist will get. Be careful to avoid any Todoist keywords like times or dates. Labels are okay.


All habits are based on a weekly schedule. Select which days of the week you want them to be active. You have to select at least one (but can use the Active checkbox to deactivate it).


The Morning checkbox defines how your habits interact with your existing Todoist Tasks for the day. Tasks checked with Morning will go before your other Tasks. If left unchecked, they'll go after. Priority and due times will override this order.

Reminder time

When you want to get a reminder in Todoist if the Task is unfinished. Use the same format you would use in Todoist, like 11am.


This is a fancy streak counting system of my own creation. I've come to like it. It's different from normal streak counting. Rather than endlessly count a streak and count forever until it's broken, it's based on reaching a goal. Once you get the goal, the streak resets to zero and the goal increases. Missing a scheduled day will also reset the streak. The goals follow the fibonacci sequence. The first two goals are 1 and 1. The next goal is found by adding the last two goals together. The first few numbers are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. This checkbox will control if your current streak and goal show up in brackets on the Todoist Task. For example, "Make bed [3/8]". You've done three in a row and are going for eight. Unchecking the box will not erase the history.


Controls if new Tasks should be generated from this Habit. Nice for pausing, or removing a Habit without deleting the Task history.


Controls the order that the Tasks are arranged in Todoist. Pressing one of these buttons will move the Habit and not save any of the other changes you've made.


Deleting a Habit will also delete all Tasks associated with that Habit.


You will generally just need to view this page when you forgot to mark a Task as complete, or want to delete Tasks that were created erroneously.

Weekly Report

This analyzes the Habits over seven days ending yesterday. See Streaks for more information on that. If things look wrong, check the Tasks page and make edits.


If you need help, or just want to say something, send me an email. I'm Travis Jungroth and my email is my last name at gmail.

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